The Turning Stone Resort Casino Event Center

If you are thinking about the next big thing in Las Vegas, a great alternative would be heading to the Turning Stone Resort Casino Event Center. It is the home of such notable, high roller events as the Winn Dixie and the All-Star Sports Classic. The center also offers a variety of entertainment for people of all ages.

turning stone resort casino event center

Snow Diamond opened the Snow Diamond Amusement Park at the center in April of 1996. This park is an American themed playground for the entire family. For kids and adults alike, there is plenty of exciting activities for the little ones to enjoy.

Snow Diamond Amusement Park is a great place to take a young family on a trip to the center. There are a full meal service and ice cream and soda machines at the concession stand. Even the games are in full swing when you arrive. There are plenty of slides, mini-golf, kiddie racers, pinball, and a slide rental shop.

There is also a fun area in the Winter Wonderland at the Snow Diamond Amusement Park. This is a perfect spot for a family reunion or any other get together. This area has an indoor mini-golf, a bounce house, slide rentals, and much more.

The outside area at the center also has a nice courtyard and several places to eat in the year round dining area, which is part of the center’s full-service restaurant. The full service restaurant offers various meals, along with hot and cold drinks. The pizzas and pastas are made from freshly made ingredients.

Just about every kid will be fine here, but if you have small children or toddlers, it is wise to use your judgment as to what you eat at the center. You may be able to find a snack that is safe to have at the center. For example, there are many foods that do not contain gluten, which is the artificial ingredient that is used in some gluten-free items.

Another great thing about the Turning Stone Resort Casino Event Center is that they offer an information desk that can be used by you and your guests. You can keep track of all of the happenings at the event center while you have your conversation with them. They can answer all of your questions about tickets and specials, events, and even point you in the direction of information on what kind of things to bring to your special event. You can even get tickets to their actual events, and they will do the rest.

The Turning Stone Resort Casino Event Center is well known for its easygoing style of entertaining, along with its large selection of food and drinks. When it comes to nightlife, the center provides the whole family with the fun and excitement they deserve. In addition, it is the place to meet your favorites as well.