Turning Stone Resort Casino Event Center

Turning Stone Resort Casino Event Center is one of the best locations in New Jersey for any casino-related business. This New Jersey casino has been featured in several major magazine articles as well as television shows and news programs.

turning stone resort casino event center

“The premier four-year casino event center in the world. Whether you are a casino player or a die-hard fan of fine dining or wagering, you will find many ways to play, more games to play, more reasons to play, and more fun to have.”

In addition to live casino games and special events, Turning Stone Resort Casino Event Center hosts a variety of special casino entertainment events. These events feature some of the most popular and well-known musicians, magicians, performers and comedians from all over the world. This casino entertainment center is also home to world-class dealers.

For example, there is The Showcase at the Casino at Turning Stone Resort, featuring top names in music and entertainment as well as special performances by magicians and musicians on a nightly basis. The Showcase at the Casino is the only casino entertainment event in New Jersey that features a live magician and a live musical act every single night.

If you love to gamble, then this New Jersey casino event center is just for you. A huge number of video games are offered to play, and there are over 300 slots to choose from as well. The variety of casino gambling options is almost too many to mention and includes Poker, Bingo, Slots and Blackjack, so anyone can have a blast with any type of casino game you want at this casino event center.

Whether you are a new casino player or an experienced casino professional, or even a guest at the Turning Stone Resort Casino Event Center, make sure to check out all of the fun that is available here! No matter what your preferred casino game is, or what kind of casino gambling experience you prefer, you will definitely have a lot to keep you entertained at this one of the top casinos in New Jersey. In order to learn more about these exciting casino events, or to book your own events at Turning Stone Resort Casino Event Center, call one of their representatives today.

There’s no doubt that you will leave this casino event center with more of an experience than you ever thought was possible. The entertainment, the food, the live casino games and other great casino amenities will leave you wanting more, and even craving more!

The Turning Stone Resort Casino Event Center offers live entertainment each day. Whether you are enjoying live music from the local rock bands, enjoying the top casino games, or enjoying the live casino gaming you can be assured of having a blast.