Why the Turning Stone Resort and Casino is One of the Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations

turning stone resort and casino

Why the Turning Stone Resort and Casino is One of the Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations

If you are visiting the Amalfi Coast for your honeymoon or a romantic weekend, then one of the most popular destinations for couples is Turning Stone Resort and Casino. It is not just the lovely surroundings and stunning scenery that attract guests, but the proximity to four-star hotels, world class shopping and dining options and the casinos itself.

Many couples decide to marry in the summer months in the Monte Carlo when the star studded entertainment is at its peak. Many others choose to visit for their wedding in the dazzling backdrop of the Casino during the winter months. The resort is also very popular for weddings as it has a beautiful chapel complete with marble floors.

There are many aspects of the resort that make it such a popular destination. The first of these is that the stunning sunsets from the spectacular Boardwalk make for great photographs. Also there is no doubt that the Main Beach at the resort is fantastic with palm trees and blue sea in all seasons.

Guests can also enjoy the beach. Whether it is a quiet walk along the sea front or splashing around in the pool, the atmosphere is always relaxed and conducive to socialising. As well as this, there is a plethora of dining options available. Whether you are hungry for fresh fish or want to sample the delights of an Italian restaurant, there is something for everyone in the restaurant.

The sun and surf are also reflected in the many beaches in the resort where the sand is perfect for lounging and cooling off. Another great aspect of the resort is that you can swim in the main pool area as well as taking a dip in the adjacent Blue Lagoon. There is also a great spa in the resort which is well known for its beautiful massage and treatments.

If the weather is nice, the resort is available for self catering accommodation. On the other hand, there are several hotels that have guestrooms, suites and other facilities to suit guests.

There is also great proximity to the Casinos and shopping centres, which are within walking distance of the resort. This makes it easier for guests to get to the venues and support local businesses.

Of course, if you choose to use a coach to visit the resort, the drivers are waiting for your arrival. They will meet you on the Resort access and will take you to the Casino or to the seaside restaurants and cafes.