The Turnstone Resort and Casino Event Center Offer Great Convenience

turning stone resort and casino event center

The Turnstone Resort and Casino Event Center Offer Great Convenience

The Turnstone Resort and Casino are set high up on the beautiful Colorado Rockies, along with the Rocky Mountains. When you visit there, you’ll find accommodations right along the gorgeous Colorado River, as well as beautiful scenery surrounding you every day. It’s a great place to relax and enjoy yourself on your vacation, even when you’re not betting, drinking or playing!

The Turnstone Resort and Casino event center have been a part of the world-famous Rocky Mountain Resort in Estes Park, Colorado for many years. It is a very popular site for entertainment. It has hosted hundreds of sporting events and conventions, including weddings, graduations, trade shows, company picnics, and parties, as well as corporate team building events and special occasions for clients.

Located close to the airport, the event center can accommodate any RSO or other event size. They offer such events as the Trivia or Gaming Teams, and they’re just a few of the special events that they offer. With the help of their professional staff, you can choose to host your event here or at one of the other locations on the resort property.

The RSO on hand at the Turnstone Resort and Casino event center will help coordinate your needs. You can come in for an event, chat with them, or schedule a pre-event meeting or call. They can also help with tips and advice for planning your special event, as well as offering basic tips for your food and beverages, including drinks that have alcohol content.

Being located right on the river, the center is a perfect way to relax and enjoy the views of the mountains. And if you’re staying at the Turnstone Inn and Suites, you’ll be close to all of the facilities, including a bar, a casino room, meeting rooms, and conference rooms. These places can be booked for your special event, and you can be sure that the hotel staff can help you make the necessary arrangements.

While you’re at the Turnstone Resort and Casino event center, you’ll also be able to book one of the best suites at the resort. This is a relaxing place to be, where you can work out at the fitness center or take a break from all of the hustle and bustle of being an event planner. You’ll be able to experience a true mountain retreat with the same conveniences that you would have at your home.

When you book your event at the Turnstone Resort and Casino event center, you’ll find that the staff is friendly and helpful. The facility features ample amenities, and you’ll find that you can reserve any event space that you need, whether it’s a cocktail party wedding, seminar, or meeting. With all of the facilities that you’ll find, you can easily plan an amazing event, complete with seating for several hundred guests.

The Turnstone Resort and Casino event center have hosted events for hundreds of different organizations throughout the years. If you’re looking for an easy venue to host your next event, then this is the ideal location. If you need accommodations for a conference, press event, or other special event, you’ll find that you’ll find them here as well.